Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who is this?

This is the newest member of our family. She is one of the many animals we have had in 46 years. First of all was Frisky, our first cat. We bought her for the children to learn responsibility and to love animals. It sure worked!!! Our son has 1 dog and 2 cats, daughter has 2 dogs and one cate. They have also had numerous other animals over the years -- gerbils, guinea pigs and aquariums.

Then we bought Mandy a beautiful black lab and she lived with us for 9 years and presented us with 8 little puppies in late June one year. That kept us busy for the summer. They were all adopted except one very overgrown boy that we kept for 6 months and we called him Hoss! Hoss he was. Then we gave him to friends where he lived a long life.

Then came cat #2.....................again named Frisky! Karl was in a rut with that name.

Then came dog #2..................our fabulous Sara. She was the absolute best dog anyone could ever have. We loved her so much that when she passed away we said no more. We stuck to that until now.

This is ?????????? Her name was going to be Georgie Girl, but Tigger, Missy, Miss Muff, Smokey, Dusty have all come up. I think she is going to live with us for a few days until she is "christened". Yes, we christen them. Its an old family tradition I started in my childhood. We dab their nose with milk.

Wait, wait...........................she has a name.  Karl came out this morning and said good morning "Miss Kitty", I instantly thought of Gunsmoke from years gone by and that was it!  Miss Kitty it is.  Not original, but who needs originality.
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Humboldt Broncos

Humboldt Broncos
This blog is dedicated to the young people that lost their lives from the Humboldt Hockey Team. It is also dedicated to the first responders, the doctors and nurses and to the families and the people of Saskatchewan

by Maya Angelou

"Sometimes a small thing you do can mean everything in another person's life. When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

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