Thursday, March 31, 2011

Protractors and quilting?

I was no mathematician in school.  As a matter of fact it was the bane of my existence.  I am good at it now, but back then......................sheesh it did its best to defeat me.  Now believe it or not I was 100% accurate every time with fractions and decimals.  I have no idea why, but that part of math I really enjoyed.

I never went past arithmetic.  That's what they called it in my day.  Algebra, no go charlie for me, trig......get real ~~ that was just  a big word I could spell. 

One day I could not get my ruler to sit properly for a 60* angle.  Frustration was my first name that day.  Karl was in the workshop and could hear me...........................I wasn't cussin', just grumpin'!!!!!  He called me and said: "here, maybe this will help".  It did, it did.

Now when I went to write this up for you, I didn't know what to call it.  I finally found it and its called a protractor.  I had heard the word before but never put two and two together.  Now I was very lucky.  This protractor has a metal piece that indicates the degree that you want. I have no idea whether something like this is still available.  I checked out Staples and they carry them so I'm sure other business stores would carry them too
or jan 018
Okay here is my tip for you today.

Lay the protractor where you want to start the sewing this.....................I'm going to be sewing on the red fabric on a 60* angle.

or jan 019

Once I have found the proper angle I lay the ruler with its 60* angle line on the seam the same as the protractor is lying.  I lay the ruler so I get the biggest advantage out of it.  I want that line to run down as much of the fabric as possible.
or jan 020

When I have the ruler where I want it I then start marking my lines with masking tape.  I do all of one direction and then start all over with the protractor and ruler and mark my lines the other way.  It has avoided a lot of frustration for me and will as I still have three stockings left to do!

This is number 2...............................notice I have changed the fabric for the trees and the fabric above and below the trees.  That was a request from our daughter.

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