Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not a good week-end

Well, everything started off well. We picked up Cody and went out for supper.  The fish and chips were very, very good.  He ate the whole thing and think he could have eaten more.  We talked about other times we had been there.  It was really nice.  Of course, he joked he was possibly scaring the heck out of the old people with his long hair and being dressed all in black.  I told him they could take on his grandma.  He said.....God help them!  He's right. 

We picked up Morgan when we dropped Cody off. Cody was going out with Mom to buy a cell phone.  What a cool gift for a 16 year old.  Of course, after two months the bills are his.  We didn't do much on Friday night except watch some tv.  Saturday was the day we got down to it.

We started by trying to dye fabric.
I would like purple

Although I tried to talk her out of it, Morgan insisted on using the purple Kool-Aid.  I was really disappointed in this method.  I won't do it again.  We did a fat quarter -- only one -- and it ended up being pink.  A lot of the colour rinsed away which they warned us it would do.  Next time we are using fabric dyes. 

While our fabric was cooking on the stove, Morgan got out the ingredients and made us some cholocate chip cookies.

cracking the egg

She cracked the egg and then made sure there was no yolk in the bowl.  From there she just kept at it until it was all mixed.

cleaning up the paddle

Sorry we forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

easy does it

Morgan desperately wants to make a jacket and I told her this was the week-end we would start.  Well, start we did and it ended yesterday.  I cannot believe what I did.  I pinned the yoke to the jacket front alright, but I pinned the right yoke to the left front and vice versa. 

So this is how it sits now.  I had an eye doctor appt., we had to get groceries and I had some photocopying to get done.  It was a busy afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm going to catch this up and put the sleeves in.  Honestly, I have never done this before.  A learning curve for sure

the front

the back

I have lots of things to share this week, so drop back by.

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Humboldt Broncos
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