Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Miss Birdie

We all found this month's Miss Birdie just a little -- shall we say "bland"?  I was disappointed as I thought more could have been done. 

On second look I discovered the lines across the top were suppose to be a rainbow -- ta-da -- I love when the light bulb comes on.

This is mine.  I did nothing to alter the original pattern.  I know hard to believe, isn't it?  The only thing I am doing is making a different coloured bird every month.  This month is a parrot.  Orange and green.  Well, those are Ireland's colours.

Next is Irene's.  She did a little bit more, not much.  Daisies were added to the bottom right corner. 

Here is Gloria's.  Her little bird is whistling a happy tune.................probably hoping the snow is starting to melt.  I don't know about where Gloria lives, but dang we got another dumping on the week-end.


This is Linda's.  This is truly Irish.  You are going to love it.


We are all slowly finishing up our BOM from Bunny Hill.  I have some embroidery left to do and tie up some loose knots and its ready to post.

I found a really cute pattern on the net via another blogger.  These are the cutest little under the sea creatures you are every going to see.  I'm going to put this away in my travel box.  This is definitely something I could work on when we go away and it isn't that long before our first trip.

The design is by Willowberry Designs.  Go over and take a peek.  I think you just might like it.

I know you are wondering when we are going.  We usually travel up to Ottawa for the Tulip Festival each spring.  This year we are going up the first week of May.  Last year we wrote off due to family but no one is keeping us home this year.  We will definitely go to Dow's Lake and see the tulips, Parliament Hill to watch the sunset, and two new things for us the year......................walking the grounds of the Governor General's home and taking a tour of the Royal Canadian Mint.  No, they don't give out free samples! 

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Humboldt Broncos
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