Thursday, March 10, 2011

Karl has been busy

I put two requests in to my favourite carpenter.  Of course, they are is way ahead of time.  I don't know where he thinks we are going to hide it.

For some unknown reason Heather never got a quilt rack.  She definitely has quilts but no rack.  So, I mentioned it to Karl and he started it and finished it.  Now it has to sit here collecting dust until December.  Why do men do this?

quilt rack

It is a beautiful rack and it stands high.  You could put a good size quilt on this one without folding and folding so it won't rest on the floor.

Then I mentioned I would like to do something with my sewing room.  I have project boxes.  I have project bags.  They were everywhere.  I suggested we make a shelf or two.  Then we both got thinking.

Karl drafts things up on paper and then I add, delete or approve.  It had to be big.  I wanted lots of room.  I suggested that it have wheels underneath it so I could move it around if I wanted to.  Well, its done!
new shelving

The top shelf is large enough to hold my light table.  The basket holds all my tapes.  Now I won't be hunting for them.  The next shelf is my basket of threads and my box of threads.  The basket are Guterman and Mettler and the box are all Connecting Threads.  They will take a while to sew up.

Four project boxes fit per shelf.  I don't have enough, so each week I'll troup up to Michaels and buy more with my 40% off coupon. 

I have my Henrietta, Little Birdie, and the quilting forum BOM, my guild BOM and projects I want to make.  As I collect the fabrics I just add them to the box.  I have decided what my tombola will be for the quilt show next year, so I'm going through my stash and finding them.  When I'm ready to make it everything will be together.

Tomorrow, Henrietta appears.  Oh, I do like this block.

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