Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm caught up!!!

My Henrietta fabric from Connecting Threads is here so I got going on my blocks.  I'm all caught up.

This is block one on the fabric.  I'm so glad Irene let me know about this line.  It is out of my comfort zone but I'm sure liking it the more I work with it.


I was happy with this block right from the start.  I didn't stand back and look at it and think, should I, shouldn't I?  It just worked for me.

Block 2
008Now I must admit when this one was first published, I did a double take.  I wondered about that crow!  They are not well loved in my part of the world.  But this one grew on me and her name is Sophie.  She is Henrietta's friend. Anne Sutton told us so.
I did a tiny little adaptation.  The sign that says "free pumpkins" hangs freely.  If someone ever snipped that embroidery floss, I would be done like dinner.


This is block three.  The latest of the postings.  I love this block!!!  This to me says "Oak"ville.  We have loads of squirrels, blacks, greys and reds.  If you ever are in the doldrums and need a pick-me-up watch the squirrels.  Their antics will change your mood in a heartbeat.


This is the final block.  I had the scarf a different colour and it wasn't working.  I had picked a yellow,
but when I sat across the room from it, you couldn't distinquish it from the background.  As I hadn't used steam to fuse the web down, it was really easy to pick it off. 
Quite a difference, isn't it?

Remember, if you click on the photos they do enlarge.

Next week is March break in Ontario.  We have been making plans with our grands for the week.  I'm taking a week off to enjoy some time with them.  So far, we are off to Niagara Falls for a day and one day is planned scouting out some malls.  I have no idea what else they want to do...................ah, yes I do.  Justin Bieber has a movie out.   Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, perhaps someone else would offer to see that. 

I'll be back on the 21st. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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