Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scouts' Honour

A new exhibit will be opening at The Oakville Museum on the 19th of the month.  Scouts' Honour.......11 Years of Adventure in Oakville.

When I popped into the workshop for the bowls a couple of weeks back I had some donations for door prizes via two other people.  One was a wallhanging.......................

that Diana B. had given me awhile ago as a token of appreciation for something.  As soon as Susan saw it, she said it would be perfect for the upcoming exhibit.  I volunteered to machine quilt it.

Well, look at it.  There is so much you can do..........................the bears, the sky, the trees, the path.  Well, you get the picture, don't you?

It took me longer than expected due to circumstances beyond my control.  Its done though and I enjoyed every minute of it.

This is the back..................Karl calls it "Winter Snowstorm at Cub Lake Lodge."

The actual name of it is Cub Lake Lodge and it was designed by Holly Taylor for Moda.  I'm sure it wasn't named for the scout cubs, but for bear cubs, but just how appropriate is it for the exhibition? 

Go back and take a look at the sleeve.  I attached the label to it.  I used fusible web and then stitched it down.  Unfortunately I didn't leave enough room at the top of the one label and sewed it down before I realized that I would be pulling the binding over it.  I ran another one so the name, designer and company would be there.

It has been delivered to the Museum and when I dropped it off to Susan I mentioned that my payment for it would be permission to photograph it on display.  She said okay.  Karl really hated to see this leave the house.  They better keep their eye on it.

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Humboldt Broncos
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