Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its cardinals this month

Little Miss Shabby had her birdie for February posted on the first.  I downloaded it, put it on fabric and then got to the embroidery.  I only do hand stitching at night time so it took two nights to get it done.

When I wrote about these blocks last month, I said I had thought about doing different kinds of birds.  I started!  I did cardinals this month.  Its the only red bird I know, truth be told.  Its native to my part of the world and its one of Karl's favourites.

Okay, the great unveiling.................................ta-da

Mine is different, but you knew it would be.  I didn't like the hat on the head of "himself" so I dropped that.  I only did two hearts on "herself" and I gave "sir" some tail feathers.  I didn't give him elaborate tail feathers.....for a change the female is the beauty of the pair IMHO.

Next up is Gloria's.......

Don't you just love the cheerfulness of this block?
And now Lynda's.........
I love the three hearts on the bottom of the block.  It adds a bit of interest, doesn't it?

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Humboldt Broncos
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