Monday, February 21, 2011

Electric Quilt Challenges

Well, things look good for awhile now.  Tracy reminded me I have accounts all over the web so I'm good to go for a year or two.  I had this column written with a Smilebox so I'm leaving it this way. 
Over the past three weeks we have had EQ challenges on our quilting forum.  BearFoot would post the directions and from there we did what we were suppose to do.  Some of it was easy, one week I had a problem, but solved it.  That is part of the challenge.  If we had troubles we could post what it was and BearFoot would help us out. 

These are some of the 35 quilts I made during the time.  I find if I keep doing something over and over then it finally penetrates and I have it for a long time deeply embedded in my head.

Enjoy.  I love EQ.  I can play with fabric without buying it, I can play with colour to see if I like or don't like and design to my heart's content.

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Humboldt Broncos
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