Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An "Angie" day............................

Before I begin today I want to show you a photo of the beautiful bowls that were made at the workshop on Saturday.  I wonder if we will get to see them at the show in London?

The bowl on the middle step, far left is a hand painted fabric.
It was beautiful.

I've been putting together what I call "cancer" quilts.  I brought home a kit from The Hobby Horse and sewed the top.  I take it back and they do the rest of the work.  I spent 2 hours a day on it until it was done.

Then I had an "Angie" day.  I have a friend in Australia who was my secret sister and is now my adopted daughter.  She has two girls ages 10 and 7 (guess I have two new grands too) and they dance.  Angie featured this great ballet set on her website awhile ago and I've wanted to make it for Susan.  Its a freebie so if you have someone you could make this for ..................................
there are a few to choose from.

Susan's favourite colour is purple and I wrote to her and asked her what the girls and blue.  I should have known.  This is my rendition of the pattern.  Just the two girls, no friends.  I have to sandwich and quilt and I know what I'm doing so it won't take long.  I'm also going to embellish a bit in their hair. 
Angie also has this.  I need a challenge every once in awhile and this will definitely be it

It is available in three sizes~~4", 6" and 8".  I'm doing the 4".  I selected my fabrics and started.  I'm not doing the blanket stitch around the pieces yet.  Don't know as I every will.  I'm thinking I'll just do all over quilting.  I don't hand blanket stitch well and to do this by machine ~~ well, let's just say, its not going to happen!

This is the first block and for those of you that aren't members, what are you waiting for?  I know of no other place where you have access to a ga-zillion patterns for $30 a year, yes a year!

I'm waiting for one more from Angie.  It will come out under the category of All Buttoned Up.  I'm waiting for the sand dollar.  Karl and I use to scour the beaches for them when we would spend time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  It is still one of our favourite places and we have fabulous memories of our trips there.  We went every spring for 13 years and then out of country health insurance got ridiculously expensive so we stay in Canada and usually go to Ottawa for the tulip festival which is fantastic.

I have the perfect background fabric for the sand dollar......................its "beachy".  Wait til you see it.  Yes you have to wait.

Since I wrote this I finished my ballerinas.  I love them and I know they are going to a good home.

I did their hair for them.........added some beads to it.

While I was machine quilting I added an "E" for Emily and a "C" for Chloe.  If you use your imagination and if you could see this in person, there may even be an "S" for Susan.

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