Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tracy is trouble.....................

You all know her as Fiberbabble.  She is a devil in disguise, oh yes she is. 

I read her post on Monday morning.  All about BOM websites.  I checked them out.  I could do and do and do and I'm doing enough, so thanks Fiberbabble, but ...

When I went back to give her heck -- darn -- here she had posted her latest project.  Valentine Toss.  Let me explain for those that don't follow Fiber's blog.  She works in a store and also teaches there.  She is doing a series of "toss" quilts and lets us see it before others.  I do love the fabric she has chosen. 

Bright, cheerful, fun.  Great for a summer purse or for summer placemats for the patio, or for -- well, just about anything.

Take a look.

Now here is what I have done.  I hope they still have some in the store.  I find the outer border is too specific for anything but Valentine's Day.  Funny how people think isn't it?  I could think of those days that we just give our love and its not to keep Hallmark or Carlton Cards in business. 

Tracy are you reading this?
  I'm quite serious about this. 
After I had this all written up, I thought about it and wrote to Tracy and made sure I had her permission to post her pics here as I scoffed them off her blog without her knowledge.  She said okay.  Thanks, Tracy. 

Tracy is now checking to see if these fabrics are now available.  You know even a kit would do me. 

Oh, I do love this.  Soooooooooooooo summery.


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