Friday, January 14, 2011


Last fall our quilting forum had a thimbles swap.  The pattern used was from Fat Cat.  Eleven of us participated in the swap.

I drafted up a design for it on EQ6, using their fabric lines......................... close enough in colour to mine

Then I made it up.............

Regardless of how I made this up I ended up with 12 spots.................but only 11 thimbles.  I decided that one of the spots would be a little write up of the swap.
I used my word programme.......I don't use Microsoft, I use Open because if I want a PDF I can on this programme.  AND it is free to download! 

I made a text box and filled it in with the pertinent information in a font that I really like. I think this was Bradley Hand.  I printed it off and then put it on the light table.  I affixed freezer paper to the back of the block

and then put that over the writing and using a Pigma Pen wrote on the fabric.

I took out the thimbles from their individual packages and as they came out I took a photo so that I wouldn't forget who sent which one, cause I had a plan!

I then just took them and put them on.  I didn't think about it, I just did it.  I figured if I spent too much time on it, I would dither away about it.  I then blanket stitched around each one and when that was done I sandwiched it.

Quilting was easy. I knew what I was going to do.  I wrote each name under their thimble and machine stitched it...............

In the sashing I "puddled" the thread

and in the border I stitched spools of unwinding thread..........

It is now hanging underneath what I call my sentimental shelf.  This holds things that friends and family have given me along with my collection of thimbles.

As those rods cannot be removed I had to think of a way to put the sleeve on.  I decided in my infinite wisdom to make it as usual but to put buttonholes in it so that it can come off if needs be.  There are other methods but that's what I had in stock and it saved me a trip to the next town to buy something new.

A special thanks to Mary Ann for hosting the swap and to the other girls that participated, Bearfoot, Cassie, Liz, Calico Chris, Paws, Queen Bee, Krafty Lady, Quiltbrain, and Fiberbabble ~~ thank you. 

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Humboldt Broncos
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