Friday, January 28, 2011

I won! I won!

Awhile ago on Facebook, Clothworks had a contest asking followers which fabric line they liked.  I selected one called Meadowbrook and son of a gun they yanked my name out of the hat.

Unfortunately for me, they decided against running that collection.  It really was fabulous.....nice bright prints.  They wrote and asked me to pick something else................and I took awhile cause there were a lot to choose from

This is it..

It is called "Toy Poodle".  When I selected I figured that I could make a quilt for some little child here in Halton Region.  I'm still planning on it.  I even found something I think I might use.

It is called "Lizzie's Hearts" and it was actually designed for the fabric that Fiberbabble is sending me.

I'm sorry the scan isn't very good.  I'm running low on ink and put it on "quick print" and for that you pay the price, I'm afraid. I will have to adapt.............the blocks are quite large.-- 27" x 27".......I wouldn't need very many to make a baby quilt. 

I adapted the block and it is now 18" x 18".  I did it on EQ this morning.  I used the fabrics available on EQ instead of downloading the Toy Poodle line.  It was a bit quicker.

I try to keep the width of my baby quilts within the 40-42" width.  That way I can usually get the backings from a metre of fabric.

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Humboldt Broncos
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