Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Henrietta Whiskers

I love squirrels, my dear husband isn't so fond.  They eat his veggies in the garden............not the whole veggie, just bites of them................cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes.........whatever they fancy.  Once they take the bite, the veggies are ruined and into the compost they go.
I still think they are fun to watch.................we have greys,


 and reds. 

The reds moved in a few years ago.  Our town is expanding and the poor little guys have lost their natural habitat so they have become residents in our area of town.  Now these guys are the bosses!!!!!  The greys and blacks play with each other, but the reds run the show!  If they want the tree branch, they get the tree branch, they want the bird feeder, they get the bird feeder and can they run..............like the wind.

I chose my fabrics all from Connecting Threads.  Unfortunately my fat quarters are on back order.  This is what I've ordered.................I hope it comes soon.  I'm ready to start.  (It's here!  I write the column days in advance.)

My squirrel is done and so are my flowers.  I just have to fuse when the fabric comes. 

I have decided to call my wallhanging Henrietta and friends................going to add a grey and a black along with a family of reds.  I'll come up with names for all of them one day..

The pattern is still available on the Bunny Hill website and will be there until the 5th of next month.


Make sure you run off the general instructions and keep them in a safe place along with the pattern.  I keep mine in a duotang folder and then keep everything together in a box that I bought in the scrapbooking department of Michaels.

Here are our blocks for this month.  Join us.  They are easy to do.

Irene, Gloria and Bev..................



I haven't been able to fuse mine as my background fabric has just arrived.  My fat quarters won't be shipped until after February 2nd.  I would like to make the block first.  In the meantime, my Henrietta is done.  She is being kept carefully between the paper from the fusible web that was left over from a previous project.

I have laid her on the block background fabric and think I better wait for sure.  Decisions, decisions.

I don't think these are the ones.  Much too dark for "red", but maybe a grey will look good on them

A quick little P.S. here.  My fabric arrived yesterday from Hancocks of Paducah.  That is also record time for their deliveries.  Do you think perhaps my complaint to the Federal Government about mail delivery is working -- at least for awhile.


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