Monday, January 31, 2011

Fabric bowls..................

Quilt Canada is being held in London, Ontario this year the week of May 24 to 28 on the grounds of the University of Western Ontario.
Guilds have been asked to make fabric bowls.  The workshop for our guild was planned for last Saturday. Hmmmmmmmmm, four people showed up!  There are nearly 100 people in the guild....................where were the other people? 

I dropped in as originally I couldn't attend due to a family conflict.  I "unconflicted" it but had made this bowl ahead of time and delivered it to the president.

When I heard only five people were going out to make bowls, I offered to make another one.  It didn't take me long.  I fused and cut everything one day and sewed it in less than an hour the next day.  I really like it.  I like the one above too.

This is a technique I have never done before.  I learned something I didn't know before.  It wasn't difficult at all.  I quite enjoyed it, but then I'm one of those people that loves to learn new things.  I may never make them again, but I know I can do it should the need ever arise.

I don't understand why people don't go out and learn something new.  I've been taking classes for nigh on 25 years.  I started with a lady called Rosemary Makhan who taught me the basics at a beginner's sampler class.  I never stick with the same teacher as everyone teaches differently.  My all time favourite was my old boss, Susan Osborne.  She was a fountain of information and freely gave it away.  I took a class with Lydia Quigley, Gail Spence and my first landscape workshop was with Renske Helmuth. 

As both Charleen and I ran the workshops we were able to sit in on classes and picked up from the teachers we had hired.  Janet Rhind, Val Garnett, Barb Croucher to name a few.  All Guild members.  Janet gave us tips on making jackets, Val taught embellishing and Barb showed neat tricks on using fusible web.  Barb will take a full size pattern and then make it much, much smaller......not quite miniature, but doggone close to it.

I have taken two workshops on machine quilting

 and now I practice, practice, practice. I learned tips and tricks from both instructors.  However, the best tip I heard was from another Barb, (Bearfoot) who said..............its just like driving a car -- slow down around the curves!!!  I will never do a queen size quilt on my short arm, but I do have a great LA for that.

I found the bowls on a link which I'm going to share.  Of course, there is a catch here Guild members.  If you download, you have to make a bowl and donate it.  How will I know?  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'll know! LOL

Make one for yourself too.  You know they would make great gifts for your international friends.

We got a gift from Melissa for showing up at the workshop.  She kindly gave us old x-rays so we can trace out those large templates.  Thanks Melissa, I won't have to use masking tape the next time.

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