Thursday, December 9, 2010

Darn.........I just had to go back

Kelly phoned last Friday from The Hobby Horse to say my book had arrived.  And to say that they had found more panels.  I told her not to send them out, but we would be up on Tuesday.  I invited my chap out for lunch and Tuesday morning we headed back up to the "Glen".

The book was in the drawer waiting for me.  And then I had to finish getting Charleen's birthday gift.  I bought one of them for me too.  I like the Nancy Halvorsen book and plan on making some of the little wall hangings for our forum's BOM next year.

I know someone named "Queen Bee" who will love one of them.  It is something different for the summertime, not your usual flowers.................

Then in the Let's Do Lunch book I saw this.  I really like them and next year for Christmas I'm going to make them along with placemats for family members.  What I'm talkin' about is down in the bottom left hand corner.  I think these are really cool napkin holders and something just a little bit different.

I needed some fusible needlepunch and then I wandered.  Back down to the Christmas room (which is open all year long), and I found this.  Very, very Scandinavian.  Very, very Danish.  I think these will be placemats for our family.  These panels come from the fabric capital of Denmark and from the town where Karl's brother lives.  These were meant to be found for my kin.

Now this.  I have loved this bundle of fat quarters for a long time and they were meant to be mine.  They have been on the shelf at the store for awhile.  I've looked, and left them, looked and left them, but Tuesday they came home.  There is a pattern laying there with them.  This is from a quilt shop in Illinois that my friend

Betty deals with.  It is an original by someone in the store..................sorry, I don't remember whether its the owner or an employee.  Betty bought the pattern for me and it required 9 fat quarters.  Some from the bundle will be used for it.  Others are going into a little gift for a friend of mine in Australia.  The pattern is from Angie's Bits and Pieces.  the pattern is called Ballet  Buddies (you have to be a member to download).  Her two daughters dance and I'm making it for her.

Well, back to work.  I guess that's enough of a break for today

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Humboldt Broncos
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