Friday, December 3, 2010

Boy, was I bad.............really bad

Let me loose in a quilt shop and I just can't contain myself.  Not only did I buy fabric, but these...........

two books...................the first by Brandywine Designs

This is what caught my eye.  I love this and will definitely be doing it for Easter..............................look at that face, how could you resist?

and then I saw this.....................

and the back cover would have sold it regardless of what was inside.

It was in my hot little hands when I had this one scream at me..........."buy me! buy me!"
The selling point for this one was St. Patrick.  I love it.  When I sat down with the books I was amazed to find in this book that you could actually see the details of the machine quilting.  Simple designs but that thinking is all done for me.

I also bought a pattern.  This envelope would never have sold me the pattern, but the quilt on the ceiling sure made the difference.  I'm picturing this one in blacks and whites with a zinger of either lime green or bright red.  I'll make the decision after Christmas.

The link for these is here.

Saturday is baking day at the house.  Morgan is coming over to make Mars Bars treats, sugar cookies and if time ~~ maybe, just maybe some yummy chocolate peanut butter treats.  I'll feature the recipe for my sugar cookies tomorrow and then after they are done and before they are eaten I'll have Morgan take pictures of her baking talent.

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Humboldt Broncos
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