Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Your sewing machine

I don't know about you, but my favourite tool is my sewing machine.  I am now in possession of a few.  I still have my old Kenmore.  I have no idea how old this machine is.  I've had it a long, long time and keep it for sentimental reasons.  I did a lot of sewing on this machine when the children were young.  Will it still work?  I have no idea.  Maybe with a good oiling it will start right up.  I should try it one day.

I progressed over the years and wanted something that did "more".  What more was I have no idea.  This is the gem of all sewing machines.  The Husqvarna #1.  It is a workhorse.  If all else fails you can sit down at this machine after weeks of not using it and it picks up where it left off.  It is 18 years old now and I will never part with it.  I can machine quilt on this one and do it well.

This is my go-to machine.  I do love this machine.  I love the applique stitch on it and I'm going to try some embroidery on it.  The walking foot works to perfection..................I just like it.  I feel really comfortable machine quilting on it too.  It has a speed regulator that keeps me slowed down. It is two years old and recently had some work done on it...................inside work.  Something broke and it wasn't my fault. 

This is my latest purchase.  Another Husqvarna.  It was a demo machine at my favourite sewing machine store  Sewing Machines etc., in Burlington.  I have to get the swing of it, but the walking foot is fabulous and the fabric thicknesses just flow through.  I have one quilt done on it and there will shortly be another one  put through.

I take good care of my machines.  I've paid oodles of money for them..............the #1 cost me more than the Sapphire and the Mega.  Maybe that's why its been around so long?  No. 

I clean my machine frequently at home and every six months they go in for service by the professional.  Bert has the know how and the tools to deep clean my machines.  I can vacuum them out regularly but thats about all.  How do I know when they need service?  I keep a chart..................every six months off they go.  It is money well spent.

I print the chart off on Avery shipping labels.................8 1/2" x 11" size.

 I trim it down, take the backing off and then affix it to the cover of the sewing machine.....................right on the front............where it can be seen.  I need one for the new machine.

I keep my machines covered when I'm not using them.  Regular everyday dust isn't good for them either.  I sew in the basement, but when we go on holiday all of them come upstairs and sit on the floor of the back bedroom. 

Your machine will serve you well if you take care of it.  A professional cleaning is well worth it.  If you are a quilter your machine is getting a load of dust inside everytime you use it.  You get it from the thread, from the fabric and the devil of them all.....................the batting.  Take it to a good shop that you trust.  I found one and I'm staying where I am.

Unless I've said otherwise, the tips given on this blog are original.  I would appreciate it if you pass them on that you give credit where credit is due.

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