Monday, November 8, 2010

We had us a party...........

The whole gang met up at a local restaurant last night for a birthday party.  We ordered what we wanted.  Drinks, food, whatever.
Here's our group in no particular order

Heather, (DIL), Kristina (our daughter) and Kyle

Paul (our SIL), Karl and Brandon

Peter (our son) and Heather

Morgan's dinner...............chicken fingers and poutine

Cody with his burger.  Yes, he ate the whole thing!

Brandon with his ribs

all the grands..............Morgan, Taylor, Cody, Kyle and Brandon
Morgan (10), Taylor (13), and Cody (15) are Kristina's three
Kyle (16) and Brandon (18) are Peter's boys

Grandpa with all his grands.

Yes, I was there. Either Morgan or Heather have my picture.

It was a great two day party. We had the cake on the actual day of November 6th and out for supper last night.  Everyone had a good time.

For those that live locally, we had our dinner at Mo's Family Restaurant at 467 Speers Road in Town.

The service was excellent and the food.................well, no one went home disappointed.

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Humboldt Broncos
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