Monday, November 22, 2010

My far away quilt shop

We went off for a drive last week.  Shucks at the end of the drive was my far away quilt shop.........The Hobby Horse.  I wanted a couple of things............cost me more than a couple of dollars.

I was looking for a quilting book for the new BOM our quilting forum is doing.  They didn't have it, so I decided to go with a book I already had and forgotten about.  It is called Quilter's Dozen Plus and it is from Scraps of Time.  (I shouldn't have looked at their website!)

I liked this book as soon as I saw it years ago, but didn't want to do a big quilt. I've decided to do it monthly and hang the "quiltlets" on my front door.  Puts a bit of pressure on to have them done by the first of each month, but when Christmas is over I'm sure I can do it. 

I'm not doing the fancy stuff around the edges.  Just the wall hanging.  I would if it was going to be a quilt, but this is for the front door and a small panel will do just fine.

The reason I love this book is because Canadians can use it as well as our friend in the U.S.A.  As our Thanksgivings are in different months I sometimes find it very hard when November comes around.  I have to switch their  November month to October and then I can't find anything for November.  These two months are pretty much interchangeable in this book.

Of course, I bought some fabric, but I couldn't remember which it was when it came time to take the photo.  It was already washed and in the Nancy Halvorsen pile

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Humboldt Broncos
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