Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last one.........done!

Its Thursday afternoon while I'm writing this.  It is dark and bleak and looks like snow, but they say rain.  We'll see.  It penetrates the soul today.

I have finished my last quilt for Christmas.  Miss Morgan's is done.

I adapted this pattern that I found in an old McCall's quilting magazine.  I had a bunch of fat quarters from Connecting Threads so I re-sized the pattern and this is how it turned out.  Morgan saw it and like it, so she gets it.

I called the quilt Dreamin' of Summer.  I sewed flip-flops on the back

Morgan has been wearing them for a long, long time.  Her feet are tiny and her first pair were way too big for her, but boy she could walk in them.

Here is the story that will go with her quilt

Dear Morgan,

Why ever would I pick this quilt for you? Because you liked it. You walked up to it in the downstairs sewing room one day and told me that. I decided that day that you would have it.

I called the quilt Dreamin’ of Summer, first of all because of all the colours in it and second because that is when we have the most fun.

We’ve been camping together, swimming, building sand castles, hiking, feeding ducks and just having good fun. Eating ice cream and birthday cake too.

This picture wasn’t taken while we were camping. Its from a water park but see those flip flops on your feet? Those are your “summer shoes”. You’ve been wearing them for as long as I can remember and the first pair you had were way too big for your feet, but boy could you walk and run in them. It was amazing to watch you.

I hope you enjoy your quilt. I enjoyed making it for you.

Love from Grandpa and Grandma

Christmas 2010

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