Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..................that apron

Last Wednesday was apron day.  We had postponed it from a previous week, but Barb and I were determined to get it done. 

First of all it was a kit.  I don't normally buy kits, but this time I did.  Secondly their was one fabric in the kit I didn't like and I didn't think they gave me enough of.  Only two little problems....kit + fabric.  I had a fabric that could work in its place so I went into EQ and set it up.  I did a couple but really liked this one the best.

Barb decided to make hers randomly and wasn't happy with the results.  The collection of fabrics in this kit made it so that you had to have a lay-out before you went to the sewing machine.

Then there were the instructions.  They were certainly not the best in the world and if you were a beginner you would have had problems.  Usually I work best with photos or graphics, but not this time.

After page one it went downhill.  Where you were to put on the ties..............very poorly done.  We finally got them on but not the way it was written up.  We took photos so we wouldn't forget for the next time which we have decided will never be.

When we finally had the sewing done, back we went to the instructions.  The bottom of the apron is actually the hem.  It took us almost an hour to figure out what they wanted us to do.  All it said was make a mitered corner for the centre.  Barb was all packed up and ready to go home, when it hit me like a ton of bricks on how to accomplish it.  I took her apron back and marked and tacked it so she could finish it at home.  I did the same with mine.

Its finished...........I won't make another.  Who wants it?  Its yours for the asking......

Where the back comes round to the front to form a hem, I did some fancy stitching.  I really don't like ties at my neck so I'm going to revamp the pattern sometime next week to see if I like what I do better.

I would also like to redo and make an apron for my granddaughter when she comes to bake with me.  I always wear an apron and a couple of times she has asked for one.  Perhaps four by four squares in fabrics that she likes. 

Now for those of you who cannot leave a comment due to something that doesn't work right for you, you can email me.  If you know me, you have it!

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