Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family traditions

We have a lot of family traditions, be it baking, sharing or giving gifts.  My family baking includes butter tarts, Christmas cake, mincemeat tarts, sugar cookies (best baked with a grand), gingerbread cookies and a Danish treat called Klejner.  My daughter makes a gingerbread house with her kids every year and our daughter-in-law makes whipped shortbread.

Yesterday I shared our Christmas cake recipe and today on Tasty Tuesday I'm giving you the best butter tart recipe you will ever have.  They have been taste tested by everyone I know..................husband, sons, grands, friends.  They have been given to many and approved by all.

This year I've decided to give two gifts a little bit differently.  Two gals at the bank where we deal go above and beyond.  We really appreciate all they do for us.  We used to buy a gift certificate and put it in an envelope but this year I'm taking it one step farther.

I am going to get two empty Tim Horton Coffee Cups from one of the stores.  Then Karl can buy the GC's and tuck it inside.  I chose to do flowers on mine.  I have two different ones made and some more cut out.  Thinking next year it might make a great gift for the girls in the doctor's office.

  There are tons of instructions on how to make these on the internet.  Here are a few:  and this one which I really like

but here is where I got mine from:

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Humboldt Broncos
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