Monday, October 18, 2010

A trip into the country

On Saturday, our oldest granddaughter came over to work on her Hallowe'en costume.  She is going to be a skunk.  She is wearing a hat that they can attach ears to, a black tee-shirt with that infamous black stripe down the back (done in white paint), black jeans and the most fabulous tale!  If I do say so myself!!!!

We didn't use anything fancy to make it.  Black cotton and white cotton batting.  She designed the white part and from that I made a pattern.  I sewed the two tale pieces together and then on one side I fused some black interfacing.  To the other side I fused a piece of batting.  Then we drew the white part onto fusible web and fused that to the white cotton batting.  We cut it out and applied it to the right side of the tail. 

Once we had that done, I carefully stuffed some poly stuffing in just to give it some "puff".  Once I was happy with it, I took it to the sewing machine and just sewed the inner part.  We closed it up across the bottom and then I just slip-stitched.  It looked really good when it was done.

On Sunday right after lunch we headed out for a drive into the country.  Our destination was Webster's Falls.  We have heard a lot about it over the years and included a stop there on our way to the apple orchard.  We have run out of apples again.

The colours are just about done for this area.  It was a bit disappointing.

 There were still a few trees with all their leaves and the willow tree has yet to turn.  This is a beautiful little area.  A lot of people were out enjoying the day.
This tree was glorious with its yellow leaves and then we saw this beech tree.  It was huge!  I sure couldn't put my arms around it.

Look at the length of its branches.  Amazing.
We finally made it to the orchard.  We bought two types of apples, Delicious and Cortland, carrots, two parsnips and a cauliflower.  I popped a venison roast in the oven as soon as we got home. 

It was a fantastic day.  Next week-end...................its either Orangeville for a quilt show or Niagara on the Lake for our day trip.  It all depends on the weather of course.

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Humboldt Broncos
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