Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tip of the Week

I picked up my special Christmas quilt from my LA on Wednesday.  I had my walking foot on my machine so decided I may as well put that binding on too.  I cut my bindings as soon as the quilt top is finished.  I put them in a Ziploc sandwich bag and mark which quilt they are for.  If they are going out to an LA, I put her name on the label too.

I have two sewing rooms and an ironing room.  This is the room downstairs that has my flannel wall and floor space to lay my quilts out.  I have to do some table pushing around but its better doing it here than on the hardwood floors upstairs.  I use these under my tables and it makes them easy to move.

 I sew upstairs.  I borrowed the computer chair for the machine quilting and so far it hasn't been returned.  It raises me up so I can see what I'm doing.  My other chair moves up and down but now up far enough.
 This is where I iron..................the laundry room.  Another neat and tidy place.......not!  Karl made my ironing board.  It was an old microwave stand so it has wheels on it so if needs be I can move it around too.  The board was made for pressing those big backings.  I love it.
 I brought my binding strips upstairs and then realized that I had to do the mitering of the corners.  I really didn't feel like running up and down the stairs ~~ again.  I laid the first strip down and then folded the corner over on strip two
 The I grabbed my little roller.  Karl made this resembles the ones you use to get years ago for hanging wallpaper.  I rolled it over the fold a few times and voila --
 You get this lovely little crease.  I pinned number one and then continued on.  When they were all done, I took them downstairs, trimmed them, pressed them
 at the board.  It is longer than 45" so I can do one length at a time.  I do use spray starch to keep them from fused together until I get back upstairs.  Once they are done, I make a roll of them around my fingers and place them in
 this jug.  I leave a length out -- should have taken a picture of inside the jug.  Darn it.
 I place the jug between my feet and the binding comes out  without being twisted.  It is also off the floor so that it can't pick up stray threads.  It would never pick up dirt in my, not ever........LOL

Til tomorrow.................................

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Humboldt Broncos
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