Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just fiddling and fooling

I've thought about the gifts I need to make for Christmas and yesterday I decided to play on EQ and do some planning.  I'm so glad I did.

I bought a bunch of flannel fat quarters at a quilt show last spring. Original intentions were to make a quilt for my daughter while she undergoes treatments.  I looked at them and decided they were not cheery enough.  However, they will be great for family room quilts for the grands.

First up is Cody's.  He loves black!  Its the age.  Black jeans, black t-shirts, black jackets, you get the picture.

I use a pattern from Quilt Woman called Straight to the Point.  It is fast and easy, but these particular quilts had to be planned out because of the fabrics.  I am using the same layout for both quilts, but the borders and backings will be different.

This is how it is sewn together and then with some cutting it will be "on point".  Sorry, I can't explain as that is violating copyright.
Cody's was easy to put the borders on.  Black goes with anything it seems.  This will be what his quilt will look like.  I plan on making the back with huge blocks in the centre that have their first initial in it.  That is still in the planning stages.

This is number one Taylor quilt.  Don't like it!  The blue doesn't work IMHO.  It is too bright for the rest of the quilt.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tried reversing it and can't say as I like this much either.  But wait, if you fiddle and fool long enough you do come up with something else.

THIS I like!  I only hope I have enough fabric left over to do it.  If not, I may have to buy just a bit more of something to complete it.   I'll use that blue on the back.

Now, I just have to press the fabrics and start cutting.  I'm going to layer the fabrics so the cutting goes a bit faster.

Til tomorrow...............................

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