Friday, October 29, 2010

Its Hallowe'en

As a child I loved Hallowe'en.  We had a lot of fun, my friends and I out trick or treating.  Laurie Ann, Janet, and I would knock on doors on two streets.....

..............except for one person.  She gave out rotten fruit.  What do people get out of doing that?

The best part of Hallowe'en was the night before.  We called in "Mat Night". 

You would grab the mat off people's front porches, ring the bell and then run like crazy.  We were brave souls.  We would do Laurie Ann's house, my house and Janet's.  Our parents knew what we were up to.  I found out when I moved to Ontario that people up here call it Devil's Night.  Every place has their own name I suppose.  But the kids here used to "egg" things, write on cars with soap...........really devilish stuff.

I have a few Halloween decorations for the house.

This was a full panel I found at The Hobby Horse.  I found a pattern on line and starting cutting up the panel.  I made the wallhanging which is in the dining-room and then made the runner for our living-room window or the coffee table.
As you can see I turned the four panels so it doesn't matter which way it lies.  I was thinking that day!
This is the label on the back.  Gee, I thought I had it longer than that.

 Ah, this is different.  It is called fold, cut and applique and I taught it to a few girls one year.  It is from Quilt Magazine 2004.  It was fun and fast.  I did it in two days.
 This is my favourite.  I found a small picture in the corner of a magazine.  You were suppose to order this pattern and then cut it from that sticky coloured stuff that adheres to windows.  I know it has a name but danged if I can remember it.  I decided I could draw it myself and then put it on fabric.  I have that wonderful green fabric in my stash and black -- well I buy a bolt of that at a time. 
 This hangs on the front door that has a large window in it.  What I like most about it is that you get to see the "door hanging" from both sides.  I put muslin on the back so its see-through.  It was done with fusible web. 
I have a couple more, but want to tell you that I have entered this in a contest on the Quilting Gallery.  They have weekly themed contests and this week your prize is -- c'mon guess -- give it a stab --

Hallowe'en fabric....a fat quarter bundle.  You can check them all out on the website.  There are quite a few there this week.

and yes you can vote on your favourite.

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