Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Over the long week-end, I decided to take a break from machine quilting my baby quilt and do some cutting.  I can machine quilt for only so long and then I have to find something else to do. 
I decided to cut the fabric for Cody's Christmas quilt.  I stacked the fat quarters and cut all five at the same time.  I had just put a new blade in my cutter and boy it went through like a hot knife goes through butter.  Did that save me some time!
After they were cut I put them up on the flannel wall.  I'm going to make the quilt smaller than I originally thought.  I'm only going to do 5 blocks across and 10 rows down.  I really want that black to be in the centre for what reason?  Take a look below
This is it!  The final quilt design.  I'm not doing another one.  I have redone the first border so it will be pieced to use up the fabric that is left.  The black border I found in PEI when I was down.  I know he will like it!  I just have to get a backing and think I may just hit our national fabric shop for it.  Sometimes I luck out and get really good fabric.
I now have her sister's fabric.  Blues.......................all blues.  Her favourite colour.  What I had bought her will now be my new jacket.

By the way, I had an email from Quiltwoman yesterday or maybe the day before.  They are now offering downloadable patterns.  There are a couple that I really like.  I'll check it out soon.  I need to do some scrap quilts and use up some of this fabric.  Its growing in my closet.

Til tomorrow...........................

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