Friday, September 24, 2010

Well, I went shopping!

One Sunday afternoon, we were just sitting around looking at the map of PEI and picked out a route to travel.  Gosh darn we ended up driving by a quilt shop.  I knew about the shop but not sure if it was open on Sunday or not.  They in we went.  And no, honestly this route was not chosen to go to the shop!  Truly!
I thought I would do some real damage after reading the sign outside but I didn't. 
I only bought a few pieces of fabric.  5 to be exact and they were in 2 metre lengths. 

I bought these three with the idea I would use the turquoisey and yellow one for the baby quilt.  Then I found these.......flannels for the grandchildren's quilts.  The green is for a swap I'm in and I must get cracking on it.

The black is for Cody and the blue for Taylor.  The other fabrics are the base for the quilt.  It will be a straight to the point quilt.
Oh, by the way, the quilt shop is in North Bedeque and when you are in the area, it is worth the time to drop in and maybe not buy, but to browse around

When I got back to the trailer I brought out the fabrics and decided I didn't like them with the centre of the quilt.  Did I confess? or just keep quiet.  I kept quiet.  I thought I could find what I needed at home.  T-h-e-n
Marlene who runs the campground, told me about a new store in Charlottetown.  Sooooooooooo, we went there.
This one is called Island Fabric Outlet.  It was okay, but I found the fabrics I wanted.  I have the backing and the two fabrics for the borders and I'm happy.  Same price for fabric too.   These quilts are paintedon the front of the store.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Here are the two of them.  I'm putting a narrow yellow border, then a turquoise, then another yellow and then the turquoise one for the final border.  Karl found the yellow one.  It has the animals on it that are in the works very well with it.
I am going to use the design in the turquoise for the machine quilting.  That problem is solved.
I chose a flannelette for the backing.................there are two chickens to be sewn on first and then I can sandwich.  Getting them in the centre is going to be the trick.

That was my shopping spree.  Nothing spectacular at all.  Just what I needed and not a bit more.  Quite proud of myself.  I guess I will have to make up for it sometime soon.........maybe that quilt show we are going to in October.

Til tomorrow......................

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