Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday's woes

Well, actually they were Tuesday's troubles!! 

I decided on Monday to get my postcards done for the fall swap.  I worked most of the day on them, and they are pretty much finished.  I have to write a  little note on each one, pop them in envelopes and get them off.  I can do that by the end of the week.  I am w-a-y ahead of time on these.  I'm patting myself on the back over this one.

This was a pattern for pillows.  I made quite a few of these and gave them away as gifts 
I took the pattern and reduced it down to fit a recipe card as they are 4" x 6" and that is the size I needed.  I'm sorry I checked out their website and it no longer exists.  Guess I better hold onto this pattern.
I keep forgetting to tell you.  I have my thimbles from my thimble swap.  They finally made it all the way here from Texas.  They are fantastic.  When I get home, I'm going to make the wallhanging and then fuse them down.  I'm hoping to use two shades of green for the backing and the borders.  I hope it works.

This was one of 28 designs I came up with.  Not quite like this I don't think for the finished one, but close........
If it works, all the thimbles will go on the light green.  I'll play with it a bit yet when I get some time.............time I wish I could find more of it.
We found the patterns for the thimbles on Fat Cat

Now what was my problem yesterday?

This is the centre for my baby quilt.  It looks really good now -- well, I think so.  But it took me a few tries to get those chickens right.  First of all I traced all the chicken properly except the body.  Why I flipped the pattern sheet over, I do not know, but I did!
I re-traced the body only to put it on the backing and I didn't like it.  I ran out of this fabric trying and I had stolen it from another project.  Could be in trouble there.
Karl's opinion was sought.  He was a big help.  He told me to walk away and forget it.  Like that was going to happen.  It would have gnawed away at me for the entire evening. 
I started to dig out fabrics and the coral worked!  I rather like it.  Then I didn't like the caterpillar.  It faded away and as the quilt is called "Watching the Caterpiller" I thought you should be able to see it easily.

These are the two chickens that didn't work.  I've decided to put them on the back.  Can't waste them and I'm not planning on making another one of these quilts for awhile.

I have all the blanket stitching to do now.  I may get a start on it, I hope I do.  Then its the borders and then its the quilting. 

It should be done by October 8th.  Oh, maybe the baby will be late.

Til tomorrow........................

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