Tuesday, September 28, 2010

T is for .........

Just  before we left on holiday our quilting forum had a thimble swap. You remember these, don't you?

I collect  thimbles if I see them.  I don't hunt them down.............if one pops off the shelf and says "buy me", I do!

While we were out shopping at the Gateway Village in PEI, we went into this shop and looked around. 
I was looking for something for someone, but they didn't have exactly what I wanted.  But on one shelf were thimbles.
Here is my latest addition.  It is made in the shape of a bag of potatoes.  At one time, the best potatoes grown came from Prince Edward Island in this country.  Over the past few years, Ontario potatoes have been pretty darn good, so we now buy them.  The best part of this little was made right there on the Island.  The sales clerk introduced me to the lady who makes them.  She works in the shop too. 
I did more shopping of course.  We went up to Vesey's one day as Karl wanted to buy some new tines for his roto-tiller and I just wanted to browse in their gift shop.  (Vesey's are where we buy our garden seed from.)  I can't show you everything, but I found this.........................
I have needed a clock for the sewing room for quite awhile and this one has big numbers on it and I can see it from across the room.  I really, really like it.  I have to get a clock for the computer room next.
The last place I really spent money was in downtown Charlottetown.  At a store called --

 They make soap.  Beautiful, fragrant soap.  Some of it has the red sand inside that the Island is famous for.  I  bought some for all the girls, along with hand woven facecloths and a wonderful brush for my elbows and knees. Their soap they will get for Christmas and I'll keep all the rest.
I better get back to that wallhanging I started.  Its nearly done.

Til tomorrow..................... 

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Humboldt Broncos
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