Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slow progress

While we were away I finally got back to my English Paper Piecing.  I like to have hand work for the evenings and this sort of fits the bill. 

I have a few more done than I did -- should I admit it? -- a year ago. 
I had my iron and little ironing board with me and discovered the board fit nicely over one of the sinks in the kitchen.  I pressed up the fabrics, cut them out, and then I got cracking on my "flowers".

By the way, there is a great tutorial on Connecting Threads for English Paper Piecing.    You can also order the papers from them.

My design came from an old magazine, but the photo shown is exactly the same.  I'm using a hexagon shape for mine.

This is what I've accomplished so far..........there is one more that didn't want its picture taken! 

I had Karl make me a template from wood and I use that to trace the patterns onto cardstock.  I do have a master sheet too but keep the template handy in case I forget to run shapes off.  I also use my hole punch to give me a hole right in the centre

so that I can use my "poker" to remove them easily after I have given the "flowers" a good steaming.  My "poker" for these is a skewer that I sharpened and then filed to a dull point.  I stick it in the hole and out pops the paper.

I cut out my background fabric yesterday into 6" squares so they will finish up at 5 1/2".  I have no idea how many I will make ~~  I have lots of fabric for it ~~  I have 20 squares cut so far.

The quilt may be made on point

or maybe not.  Depends when I get tired of making it.

I use a small zig-zag to machine applique them with thread that matches.  So far so good on the thread.  I'm using 30's fabrics for the whole thing.  I have a good stash and I told myself no new fabric til some of the old stuff is gone. 

Tomorrow?  Wait til you see what I did with my knitting needles.......................

Til then............................

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