Thursday, August 5, 2010


I had one of those days yesterday.

I started to make the log cabin blocks for the Guild's BOM.  I should have stayed in bed! 

First of all I started with the wrong block....................oh, by the way, I do own the book they are taking these blocks from so that's why I can get ahead...............and I have insider information.

I should have started with block 39, I started with block 9!  Block 9 is 6 x 6", has 48 pieces and is paper pieced.  Well, heck they are all paper pieced!  I like paper piecing, I thought I ws good at paper piecing.  Yesterday proved that wasn't true.
This is the finished block.  Pineapple.  Simple, easy, but a lot of work.  I made a cutting mistake and had to start over, then this..........................
I don't like it.  I tried other colours on the corners and don't like anything.  I'm doing it over.  I know what I'm doing this time and think I will like it much better, so I'll re-cut and then sew.
Once this block was done, I started the right one.  Number 9.  I finished it in record time.  Geez,

I don't like this one either.  I have thoughts for this one too, and I'm starting with this one, not the harder one.  I hope it looks better the second time around.  Seeing as I have nothing -- absolutely nothing -- for you today, I thought I would share some photos and bore you to death.  These are from our holidays.  Not a lot, just a few.

We went to
I don't get to stop to take photos.  We do them on the fly!
which is a 5 hour drive north of us.  It really is a beautiful trip.  The girls were fantastic, never complained once about sitting on their you know whats for so long.  We played tic-tac-toe and hangman to pass the time.

Oh, those girls I mentioned, they're our granddaughters.  We had two destinations in Sudbury, Science North and Dynamic Earth. 
Science North -- one of the buildings

The science buildings are built in the shape of giant snowflakes.  There are a lot of things for adults and kids to do, including an IMAX theatre.  We saw two movies in 3D, Under the Sea and something about dinosaurs.  You can tell that wasn't too special.  A bit too documentary for us, but Under the Sea was fantastic!  We will never eat fish again though.  They're just too darn cute.  (Think Nemo)
We spent the entire day there.  We had lunch on the patio and then went to visit the.............................

mallard ducks in the lake.  We had no food for them, but that is okay.  They are wild and shouldn't depend on humans for food.

We also went to see Dynamic Earth.  A fabulous place in our province to discover mining!

The sidewalks are all made of slag that comes out of the mines.  It is made into bricks.  Nothing is wasted.

It is also the home of the giant nickle.  This is both sides.  It is enormous and can be seen for miles around Sudbury. 

The world's second tallest chimney.
1250 (381 metres) feet.

This mine was built especially for tourism and educational purposes.  It was actually never used for mining.  They do mine for nickel, copper and gold in the Sudbury area.  The mines are in the Canadian Shield and are all rock!  Thick solid massive rock! The girls were thrilled to be standing and walking on the "shield".

We had fabulous weather while we were gone.  The girls were very good and thoroughly enjoyed themselves as their brother had done 5 years previously. 
On the way home we stopped at the French River. It  was the canoe route to the west when our country was being explored.  The snowmobilers assocation have built a suspension bridge over the gorge and tourists not only get to walk over it

No, I didn't take this one.  I scoffed it off the internet!
but the also get to take in the view!  It is magnificent.  I think I said "WOW" a couple or three times.

There is also a pavilion on the grounds that is run by Ontario Parks.  You can visit inside and get a history lesson.  Taylor has studied Samuel de Champlain in school and Morgan will be within the next couple of years.

 Four hours later we were back home with plans for our next trip.  Taylor says its a trip to Niagara Falls to the aviary, the skywheel and a walk under the falls.  We sort of suggested she bring along her money.

Til tomorrow........................................................

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