Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This and that week

I am either starting projects or going to get them finished this week.  I started one from a pattern that I've had for so long it is no longer available, which I know is really unfair to all of you, but I love it so want to share.  This is a gift for a friend that was promised to her last Christmas and she was told then it would take awhile.  She is getting it on August 14th.  I made this my deadline and darn, I'm going to keep it.

This is it.  A snowman!  It is made from waffle weave fabric.  I bought mine from The Hobby Horse in Georgetown and I think they may just still carry it.  I prefer the cream, but in some stores it is available in white.  It also comes in cotton and poly-cotton.  I prefer the cotton.

I have it cut out -- all three pieces and marked and only have a little bit of embroidery left to do on the back.  It is so easy to this point, I have no idea why I have procrastinated doing it.  I decided with the last one I made to try to sew some interfacing on the back of the waffle weave.  The weave is very loose and it is difficult to sew neat stitches.  I did find the interfacing helped so I'm doing it again with this one

I have the flowers to make which I promise I will share with you.  You can use those store bought rose ones, but of course, not me.  I have to make things harder than they actually are.

Before I forget I did make four different sizes of these snowmen.  Pops, Mom, and the two small ones.  I'll get a photo for you before week's end so you can see them.

Another project on the books for this week is the Guild BOM from last year. 

I don't know which way it will eventually hang......
this way or this way...................................

and of course, there are still two more choices.

I have the backing made and trimmed. 

I trimmed it off centre as that creamy one.....................this one here

I think I can give some to a friend that needs "something" for a jacket she wants to make.  She had purchased one fabric, but man the girl that helped her choose her fabrics goofed big time on the selection.  It just doesn't work.  We are trying to scrounge as enough money has been spent trying to get something -- anything -- to work.

The wallhanging is in the machine.  I've started it.  I have the meandering done on each individual block and some of the sashing done.  I ran out of white thread, so a trip to the store is called for today to purchase more, then hopefully I can finish up the machine quilting by Wednesday night.  Then to bind and put on the "binding pile".

Don't forget the last blocks are up at Fat Cat.  Those wonderful gingerbread men.  I'm going to attempt to get them done this week too, in between everything else.  We have a soccer gameto go to tonight and then Wednesday it is stitchin' day with the girls.  I hope to get a head start on next year's BOM from Guild. 

It was great serving on the executive.  I got insider information.  If I can get these 9 blocks done ahead of time, I'll have more time for other a baby quilt before October 8th!

Til tomorrow.......................................

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