Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday's mentionings

We are leaving next Monday for a holiday to beautiful Prince Edward Island.  It is one of our favourite places in Canada.................well, the world actually.  It is peaceful, calm, quiet and has the most gorgeous scenery. 

Before we leave I've been working on some things to take with me.  I've decided to work on my English Paper Piecing, so I'll take along my small cutting board, small ironing board, small iron and the box that contains the other supplies.  Karl is going to croak when he sees this load.

This is the box.  The rest comes aboard separately.  I think I'll hide everything behind my chair til we are gone.  Gee, maybe I'll stick my mini iron in here too.
My little Ott lite is already out there.  It went on the last trip.  Karl gave it to me so that I would have better lighting in the trailer.  The light above my chair is not good at all.  Not even for reading.

I finished up the nap mat.  I only have the binding and the label to sew down.

I mentioned to Karl that it might be perfect for the stroller too.  Ah, a dual purpose quilt.  Love it.  It will have to be washed in Ivory Snow before I give it away as you can see where the pins have been.  I also use fusible batting, so that has to be washed out too.

Mom and Dad don't know if this is a girl or boy, so we can't do the label with anything but generic.

I can do everything properly  on the crib quilt.  I'll leave the label to attach the day he/she is born. 

I finally have the fabric selected for that quilt.  Took me awhile, but its done.  I'm going to use turquoise coloured backgrounds.  Just two fabrics, no more.  It took me long enough to decide on these, so I'm not thinking about it anymore.  Just going to get started on it.

I've also done some burp pads.  4. 

Two of them have airplanes on them

and two have flowers. 

The blue ones are for Daddy to use and the pink and mauve ones are for Mom.  Now before I get long-winded (who me?) I'll give you the link for the burp pads.
They are free from Connecting Threads and I must thank Chris for the link.  I made these for my daughter many, many years ago and she loved them.  I always make them from flannelette and the softest quilt batting I have in my stash.

I read on Angie's blog and then I read in one of my new books about using Press 'n Seal.  I tried it!  I love it!  I must mention that Angie did a super job on her tutorial and is well worth the time.  You have to scroll down a bit to read it.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Til then..............................

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Humboldt Broncos
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