Friday, August 13, 2010

How to make them...................

I think I told you before I really don't like those little store bought roses.  They have their place, but I didn't want them on my snowpeople.  I went in search of something else and found these somewhere.  The technique is embedded in my head so I don't have to go in search of it anymore.

First of all cut a circle of fabric.  For demonstration purposes I used a spool of thread...........a large spool.  You can do them smaller or bigger, depends on your needs.  The spool measured across approximately
1 5/8".

After you have cut your circle

turn it over so that the wrong side is facing you.  Then fold it in half wrong sides together.
 Finger press very well.  You can use a mini iron if you have one.

Then you want to fold it in half again, fingering press so that you have a good fold line.  (I have a small bulletin board that Karl made up for me and keep it handy in the sewing room for projects like this.)  After you have it folded and you can see the fold marks, open it back up, with the wrong side still facing you.
From the top of one fold mark to the top of the next one, fold the fabric over until it meets the cross in the middle.  Finger press.
Now bring one side down to meet the centre so that a point has been formed.  I keep a needle and thread handy and starting with the thread underneath take a stitch to hold this point in place.

You continue around the entire flower, bringing down the point each time to reach the centre and stitching in place.
When all the points have been brought into the centre I give it a couple of more stitches.  Then I start to add the beads.

I dump them into a container that has a ridge around it.................this time it was the it makes it easier to pick them up with the tip of the needle.
On small flowers I use 4-5 and these are seed beads.  On a larger flower I would use larger beads.
Once the beads are all on, then I sew the flower down.  If the flower centre has a bit of unravelling from the bias edges, you can give it a little wee drop of Fray Check.  I don't do this until the flower is sewn down.  That is my final step.


Til tomorrow.............................

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