Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I follow a few blogs as you all know.  I check in as soon as I see that a new post is up. Jennifer at Bronze Wombat and I email back and forth occasionally.  We leave messages for each other on our blogs and then follow them up with more personal notes. 

Jennifer had mentioned on her blog about her new house -- can't believe they have lived there for 3 months already -- and about their garden.  Now before I go any further, let me assure all of you I do not garden.  That is Karl's job and he absolutely loves it.  We have 2 rose bushes left in our front flower bed...............

they were planted over 35 years ago.  One is a climber and the other is.............I don't know.  I don't know roses.

They are both red.  Hearty devils they are.  Every other rose bush died, but these two keep going strong and with Karl's nurturing will continue to do so.

I am not the greatest lover of roses -- I know some people won't believe that -- my favourites are pansies.  How many other flowers do you know will show you that cheerful face in the garden every day they bloom?

Our few other flowers that are blooming are pretty spectacular too.

Our sunflowers are huge!  We not only have the traditional yellow, but Karl found coloured ones too.  They are a bit more difficult to photograph but I tried and they colours are slightly off.  The sun blazing down on them seems to change the colouring.

Now Karl is 5'7" more or less, so that tells you how big his sunflowers are growing.  They are scattered in the vegetable garden for his goldfinches. 

The weigela bush is back in bloom.  These are beggars to photograph too.  The photos always seem to be blurry, but I captured it this time.
The black-eyed susans continue to put on quite the show.  These are another favourite of mine.  I remember as a child driving along and seeing masses of them on the sides of the highways..........them and chickory and daisies.  We have daisies, but no chickory.  May have to rectify that!

Our cosmos popped out a few too.  They re-seed themselves every year in the garden.  I love these colours.  Wouldn't they be spectactular in a quilt?

The land we live on used to be an apple orchard.  We have some of the best soil in the area.  A bit and I do mean a bit -- north of us, its red clay.....................lots of red clay.  We knew the soil was good here and that is one of the reasons we bought this house.  That and the fact it is a 1/4 of an acre right in Town.

I'm off to London, and that is Ontario, today to see the Quilts of Gee's Bend.  I hope to have a slide show for you by the end of the week.

Til tomorrow....................

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Humboldt Broncos
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