Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A birthday gift completed

For the past few years, my friend Betty in Illinois and I have been exchanging birthday gifts.  This year Betty sent me a kit to make a casserole carrier.  I made it up Saturday afternoon after all my baking was done.

First of all I have to admit, I don't buy many kits.  I'm rather leery about whether there will be enough material to make what I'm suppose to be making.  This kit was generous with their fabric. 

The kit was purchased at Betty's quilt store in Morton, Illinois.  The store is called The Quilt Corner and boy would I love to visit it someday.  Betty finds the nicest things in this store.

Here is the cover....................

A couple of squares of fabric in co-ordinating prints, a handle and a couple of rings and its done.  I didn't over quilt it..............I kept it simple.  I used masking tape as my guide and just made "squares".  The handle is done with 4 straight lines of quilting.

I'm thinking these would make great Christmas gifts.  If you didn't want to give a casserole dish, you could pop in some homemade cookies in a tin instead.  When something only takes an afternoon to make, well, its just the thing for gift giving.

This is the inside of the cover. 

I wouldn't use Christmas material, just some really nice fabrics.  If the person liked Batiks you could use them or do it in a colour scheme to match their kitchen or their favourite colour.
   The possibilities are endless.

I may just have solved some gift giving problems.  I better give this some serious thought.

Thanks again for the gift Betty.  I just love it!

Til tomorrow.......................

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