Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where do I live?

I thought it might be nice to let those that don't know my area of the world where I live.  Its is a beautiful town along the shores of one of the great lakes.  Ontario to be specific.

I went onto BING, the search engine and found this map.  If things work out right you should be able to move it around and see all the Town.  You can zoooooooooooom in and zooooooooooooooom out to your heart's content.  If you look for Morden Park, that is the area I live in.  The land was once owned by the Morden family and was a big apple orchard amongst other things.

We have beautiful soil on our property which is about 1/4 acre.  Not bad for city living is it?

This is part of the backyard.  Karl is checking out the bird bath for the frequent thirsty visitors that drop in.  We (as in Karl) has made this a quiet little sanctuary for us.  We can sit back here and most times no one even knows we are home.  Its great for hand sewing or reading that good book that you just can't put down.

As you can see, Karl is always puttering in his garden.  He thought with his hip replacement surgery he wouldn't be able to have one this year, but he has tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, peppers and onions in.  No carrots this year..................but we do have a few potato plants.

This is our little bungalow.  Three bedrooms which is now down to one.   One office and one sewing room!  Both of utmost importance to us.  Our living/dining are an "L" shape and the kitchen is a galley style.  Tiny but is it functional.  We have a full basement which is divided up and the family spent a lot of winters downstairs in the rec. room (so called in the old days)
It is a pretty area where I live.  A lot of mature trees that give us lots of shade on the hot summer days.  Our little bushes that Karl planted over 35 years ago have grown and take up a lot of the lawn area so there is less grass to cut.  We love it here and have no plans to move and fortunately for us, neither do our neighbours who have all lived around us for a long time.

Til tomorrow.......................

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Humboldt Broncos
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