Thursday, July 15, 2010

Great Intentions

I bought this piece of fabric from Hancock's awhile back and had great intentions.  My granddaughter loves it, but unfortunately she isn't going to get it.  The plan was to make a quilt for some little boy in our Town and give it away.  It has now been in the house for nigh on 4 months and sits around staring at me.

Last night I was working on EQ doing something else and after 10 tries on that quilt I gave up and started a new quilt for this fabric.

This was the first attempt.  Its okay..................not "piratey" though.

I came up with this after a dozen tries but it isn't turning my crank at all.  Then I think a little light bulb in the back of my brain finally came on. 

This is it. 

 I am going to make this for a boy and I hope he really likes it.

I want it to be one of those quilts that gets dragged around the house and becomes his favourite possession.  I'll give it away at Christmas to the same organization I've been giving to for the past couple of years. 
It should be easy to do.  Its a simple little 6" block

that can be paper pieced in sections.  Do one side with the sail, then the other side and then the bottom of the boat.  I have a name for it..............Sailing in the Caribbean.  I can't call it Pirates of the Caribbean cause that's already been taken.

Once I get all the fabrics sorted, I'll start it.  Now to find the border fabric.
I need a direct line to Hancocks!
Til tomorrow..................................

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Humboldt Broncos
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