Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another swap!

Someone on the quilt forum said "Lets have a pincushion swap". and a bunch of us have signed up.  We will exchange names and you make a pincushion for that one person.

This is now my third swap I've signed up for in as many weeks.  I found a pretty little pincushion to make.  You use a tea cup as your template.  I hope mines turns out as well.  I'll give it a try today.  First there was the 3rd Annual Christmas swap and then there was a thimble swap...............oh, I forgot to tell you about that one.

11 Girls signed up and we had to make 11 thimbles and send them in to the co-ordinator.  They were simple to do.  I tried to replicate one I have in my collection.  Its dark, dark blue ceramic.  Something a bit different from most of them.  It is a souvenier of one our trips to Myrtle Beach.

Most of my thimbles are those silvery looking ones.  I have a few ceramics and two wooden ones. I don't use them.  They just sit around on my shelf.

These are what I'm exchanging.  I had this beautiful piece of fabric that looked Asian to me and I never knew what to do with it.  I fussy cut the 11 thimbles from it and these are four of them.

I must give recognition to Fat Cat Patterns for the template.  They are doing a swap on their website too.  I opted to make my own background for my thimbles.  This is the design I came up with one night while I played on EQ6 (no 7 isn't installed yet)

The thimbles will go on the light green.  I have most of the fabrics.................the greens, but not sure about the light.  I'll have to take a check and see what's in storage.
Now to get those thimbles in an envelope and on their way.  I'll post again when I have mine. I always take longer to receive things than the other girls.  
I live north of that invisible line called the 49th parallel and that stops everything in its tracks.

The first swap this summer was our "Christmas in July".  I received my parcel yesterday in the mail and this is what I found when I opened the envelope.  I have no plans for the fabrics at the moment.  I have thought about it.  That's it, just thought about it.

Til tomorrow............


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