Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two Canadians today

Three Swans Studios is located in Edmonton, Alberta.  We found them -- as in a friend and I -- at a quilt show booth that were selling their patterns. 

The pattern we purchased is called...........Dragonfly Garden.  I love it.  I love dragonflies.  Who wouldn't?  They eat mosquitoes. 
This is ours.  It hangs on our dining-room wall except for Easter and Christmas.  The only two seasons its not there.  Its one of Karl's favourites.

Another one from Alberta.  This time is Joan's Own Creations.  Golden Harvest is my favourite.  As all of you know I'm a misplaced Canadian.  I love the prairies.  Saskatchwan is one of the best places in Canada in my humble opinion.  I love the slow life.  I love the skies, I love to see forever and this is one place you can do it all.
This is my favourite.  I've made this pattern three times.  Mine hangs on the wall beside my bed.  Last thing I see when I get into bed at night, first thing I see in the morning.  If I can't live there, I'm going to keep it close by.

  I left the stooks off.  What are stooks? A stook, also referred to as a shock is a circular or rounded arrangement of swathes of cut grain stalks placed on the ground in a field. Typically sheaves of grains such as wheat, barley and oats may be 'stooked' so they are ready for threshing.  You don't see stooks very often -- well never -- on the prairies anymore.  They are as rare as grain elevators.

This one was made for our friends Reg and Jan.  Jan's Dad, Grandpa Wetterstrand ran a grain elevator in the Town of was orange and therefore, every grain elevator I make is orange.  The company was Pioneer.  The white/grey buildings belonged to Saskatchewan Pool.  Now look at this.  I found this on the web.  Jannie, this is for you. 
This is it.  This is the grain elevator in Admiral.

We brought grain home from this elevator many, many years ago and our son took it to school for show and tell.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the memories.

The last one I made was for a "tombola" draw at our last quilt show.  Everyone loved it, but no one more than Irene.  We were working in the kitchen together (cause that's where all the fun is), and she told me she wanted it.  She bought tickets on it -- I know not how many.  I told her if she didn't win, I would make her one.  I bought tickets on it too and put Irene's name on them.
When it came time to draw the winning tickets, the person that made the entry drew the ticket.  IRENE WON!!!  I was ecstatic!  It couldn't have gone to a better home.

There will only ever be one name in grain companies in our family.  If I'm making a grain elevator in a picture it will be Pioneer.  They may be gone, but by george, we will never forget them.  A part of our history gone and its a darn shame.  Take a look through the pages on the website I've left for you.   I found this grain elevator there.  It is in Elie, Manitoba and was slightly damaged in a tornado in 2007.  We know, we saw it a few days after the tornado had touched down. 
This page I'm going back to.  I have to have two of these patterns.  I just have to.

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