Friday, June 11, 2010

Travelling................part 3

Okay, you noticed I know you did!  I decided seeing that my 200th posting is coming up, I would try some changes and see if I like them.  You can leave your comments in the comment section and we'll see which one I actually end up with.  This was the choice for today....................the rest of them, I didn't like.   I cannot get my head around a black background with red print.  Is it just me?

Okay now for the blog.........................................

Are you going somewhere this summer? 

We are.  Possibly mostly day trips.  Maybe a quilt shop or two.  Sometimes we don't have the advantage of looking shops up in a phone book when we are going out, or perhaps like us, you are "campers" not "hotellers" and books just aren't available.  How do you find those shops?

Quilt Source has a very good store finder on their website.  It is by province and then it is in alphabetical order.  This is the same map as on their webpage.  You click on the province you will be visiting and they all come up.  It is easy to work with.  I've used it a lot.

If you are going to Atlantic Canada,

 this is the resource to have in your pocket.  Its fantastic.  It is called Quilt the Atlantic.  The list is by province starting with New Brunswick and ends with Newfoundland.  Regardless of where you travel down east, you will find a great shop to buy or browse.  I've been in a few and they are wonderful.

I checked out a few other links but they are not worth mentioning here.  They are not up-to-date and list stores that just aren't around anymore.  I tried to find a comprehensive guide to the Prairies, but no one does it like Quilt the Atlantic. Perhaps the other provinces could learn from them.

If you are up at The Hobby Horse, I did buy a map from them called Quilters Pocket Map, Ontario.  You have to click on that link.  Its amazing.  I did not pay $10 at The Hobby Horse.  I bought mine for $2.50.  Wow, now thats a difference in price, isn't it?
Just for fun you can click on this and take a look around.  I see they have the recipe for the world's best carrot cake.  They are wrong.................I do.  You can ask my friend Ursula.  She likes it, she likes it a lot!

I'm off to spend money today.  Going to the quilt show over in Hagersville. I hope they let us take pictures so I can share with you. 
'Til next time.......................

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