Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Anne's are done!

The three of us sat yesterday all day, around the big table and did our hand sewing.  Our Anne wall hangings are done.  These patterns were designed by Joan Kays of Charlottetown, PEI.  I bought all three patterns when Karl and I were on the Island nearly a year ago.  Barb, Charleen and I have worked on these wall hangings since last fall.  The rule was -- you can only work on them when we are together. 

Anne #1
Anne with Jersey Calf.  I did this one.  I love particular reason, just love them.
The next two photos are close ups so that you can see the marvellous machine quilting that Kathy Mundy (Oakville) of The Quick Stitch did.

Next up is:
Anne Picking Apples.  Barb did this one.  The girls had their choice of which one they wanted to do, after of course, I had chosen mine.  LOL

Here are close ups of Barb's wall hanging

Funny little story about this one.  When we took the wall hangings over to Kathy, Barb and I were talking about the quilting.  I said -- innocently -- gee, Barb, you could put shingles on that roof!  Kathy just looked at me with that expression that said "ya, right, Bev."  Straight stitching on an LA is hard, but look what a fantastic job she did.

This is Anne with Wash.  The original pattern has a blanket on the line, but being quilters, we just had to have a quilt.  Charleen designed this quilt and made it up -- its not a panel.  It looks terrific!  There were also only two chickens, however, Charleen decided she wanted more on her farm.

We are all really, really happy with the way our wall hangings turned out.  We put hours into them and Kathy did an outstanding job on each one.  Before I forget, all of us put Anne fabric on the back of their quilts.  Here let me show you what I mean.
This is my backing.  I never thought of taking photos of the other two.  Barb's is pink and Charleen's is cream.  Now for a close up of the quilting...............from the back side.

I have never seen these patterns available off the Island.  I bought them at a quilt store in Charlottetown called Quilting B and More.  Click on Fabric, then Anne of Green Gables fabric.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and there they are.  Psssssssssssssssst, I just heard there is another one coming out this summer.  I'm looking forward to that.

When we were taking the pictures, I mentioned to the girls that I would like to take the patterns to our local blueprinting store and see if they could reduce them 50%.  I would really like all three, but don't want them as large.  They agreed and so this October we are going to start them.  They should go much faster.  I'll pick up more fabric when I'm back on the Island in September.
I thought I would just add this at the end.  Our granddaughter was over the other day, took out the white board and drew Anne of Green Gables.  Here she is..................

She made me guess who it was.  The red pigtails sort of gave it away.

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