Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, darn, another UFO

You shouldn't go searching in your cupboards for stuff.  Not me anyway.  I found another UFO.  I started this awhile ago and I'm still working away on it.  Most of it is embroidery and as much as I love doing it, it does take time.  For me, lots and lots of time.

The pattern is called Cherished Memories and it is from Rabbits Haven and they are in British Columbia.  Her work is beautiful and although I'm sure this pattern was designed to be a wall hanging or quilt for a baby I'm adapting it for our home.  There are nine blocks to embroider and I've done seven.

These are blocks 1, 2 and 3. 
I numbered them both on the pattern photo and then on the insert that you trace from.  I thought I could keep track better that way,
These are 4, 5, and 6

And this is the seventh one. 
I have a love of bunnies and rabbits.  They are awfully cute, but they do like Mr. Andersen's garden.  It is now so fenced in no rabbit could possibly get a nibble of a thing.
Story time again.  One year in our flower bed under the birch tree, our son saw something moving.  When he went to investigate he found 6 baby bunnies and Mom/Dad.  We carefully moved the plants aside and took photos.  The next day everyone was gone.  Not a sign of them anywhere.  Mom/Dad thought they weren't safe anymore so it was time to move on.

TIP:  When I trace my design onto my fabric, I use Pigma Micron pens.  I use the colour that I am going to use for the embroidery or one as close to it as I can get.  Pigma pens do not come in all colours.  I use the finest nip that I can find.  I prefer the 01 as the floss will cover it.
I was told one day by a store employee of a quilt shop, that they no longer use Pigma pens as they found that they bleed.  I have never had that trouble with them.  Of course, I also discovered that they were now carrying a new brand, so perhaps that was why the pens I use were now considered inferior by them.

For those of you that have never traced onto fabric, I iron a piece of white freezer paper to the back of the fabric to give it stability.  Then I place both over the design and using a light box, trace the pattern onto the fabric. 

I hope to get these last two blocks done soon................very soon.  I have the fabric picked out and will sew it together when all the blocks are done. 
I have changed the wording on the pattern.  Mine is going to read "bunnies in the Andersen's garden".  By the end of July at least the top will be completed.  I hope!

These are the fabrics.  The dark brown is for a tiny frame around each bunny block and the small floral will be the sashing.  That leaves -- you got it -- the large floral for the border.  Binding?  Never thought of that, so I better have something left, hadn't I?  I purchased it so long ago, I'm sure the QS doesn't have anymore.

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