Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jean Boyd

Back to Ontario.  I was working at a sewing and needlecraft show and one day when it was quiet I wandered around to see what was new.  This was!
I believe it was Jean Boyd who had a booth there (if it wasn't Jean it was someone from eastern Ontario who sold her patterns) and she had designed wallhangings that you could pop photos in and out of.  I thought that was just the neatest idea.  I bought a pattern and then I did some adapting to fit my photos.
These are all our grands.  Every photo was taken at school the year they started kindergarten. 
Taylor and Morgan
Kyle, Brandon and Cody
The middle photo on the top row was taken the year I made the wallhanging in 2006

Jean also designed this piece.  It is called -- well at my house it is called -- Granny's Garden.
My grannie had a beautiful garden that ran down the length of the house.  There were always hollyhocks at the back door and I made this in memory of her.

It measures 16" square and I have it in my big sewing room. 
This is the centre.
I saw it in a magazine years ago......2006......and decided to give it a go. I had never embroidered anything that tiny, but I desperately wanted to have it and to have it I had to make it.  It is mostly 30's prints with a few other tiny prints thrown in cause I liked them together.
If you are looking for it on Jean's site, it is called Fancy Work.

Jean has a blog.  She keeps it up-to-date and you can find out what's new.

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Humboldt Broncos
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