Friday, June 25, 2010


I have a secret sister that lives far away.  I know who she is, but for secrecy sake on my quilting forum I cannot tell you.

We exchange little gifts every month.  Now my dilemma.  I am sending her pins.  I may as well come right out with it or you will never be able to help me.  The pins are guild pins from the different quilt shows I'm going to over the next little while.  A small piece of Ontario down under.
This is the pin from my Guild.

Well, shoot the last two pins I sent I cannot find. 

Okay, so what's my problem?  I want to make her something that she can put these pins on.  I have some ideas, and one criteria is that is has to be light as it is going a long, long way and air mail is not inexpensive in my part of the world. 
I've worked on EQ and come up with some ideas.  First of all I thought maybe tone on tone.......beiges, neutrals, you know that sort of thing.  Just simply

Then I puttered away last night and the ideas started to flow.  I like the idea of a broken border, not quite this broken, just two colours in long stripes.  All the  blocks only measure 3" when finished, so plain ones could hold pins.
Then this one kind of popped up when I started to fool around.  Its just a 9 patch and a churn dash with a cross in the middle.  I kind of like it.  Simple if nothing else.
Well darn it, this one came along and it kind of caught my eye.  Something not quite right about it, but there are possibilities. 
And this.  Well, this just does it for me.  Not necessarily these colours, but I do like it.

If you lean back from your computer screen and look at it, what do you see.  Take in the dark blue................focus on it.  It has a design and there are places to put pins.  You could put them on the border when the centre blocks are full.  Okay, time to vote.

Is it
number 1?
number 2?
number 3?
number 4?
number 5?

Your call.  Leave your number in the comment section.  I hope you will comment.  If you can't, you can email me.  Is it visible for you at the top? Yes? No? It is for me when I sign in, but as soon as I sign out my email address is gone.  I don't know how it works at your end. 
If you click on "my profile" -- over there and d
you will see my email address.  Just drop me a line.

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