Saturday, June 19, 2010


The past few days I've featured different flowers at the top of the page.  Here's the story behind them.  Our wonderful friends Jan and Reg used to own a ranch 40 km south of Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  We used to travel out and visit them and have the most fabulous relaxing vacations you could ever imagine.

The last time we went they told us they were selling the ranch.  We understood but at the same time, disappointed.  A ranch is a lot of work especially when you spoil your cows.  Karl was right at home doing it.

That summer we went around the gardens and Jan sent us home with roots of some flowers or seeds came in the mail later that year.  These flowers all originated at the ranch.


These are so pretty.  I love the colour combination.

These are cluster bells. 
They grow on a long stalk and they just flourish in the bed Karl planted them in.    Beautiful purple colour.
Then there are these..........................don't know the name.  Jan didn't know the name.  We call them Jan's Flowers.  They bloom in the early spring and they are prolific.  We have them front and back.  I think the other day I noticed that they are coming back.  When we used to visit the ranch it was in early July and they would be in full bloom then.  This spring was unusually warm and they bloomed in April.

These are Jan's flowers from the ranch

And these are ours from the front of the house.

We also dug up prickly pear cactus and another type but unfortunately, they didn't like it here. 

Jan and Reg had a deck on the side of their house.  This was our view....................

and these were our sunsets...................magnificent.

I snapped this photo as we were walking back up from the coulee one evening.  Every night we had a different show. 
The poppies at the top of the page today grew in a barrel out west.  They were beautiful, as was everything else on the ranch.
Would you like to see what Jan and Reg are looking at?  Here you go

This was a pattern by McKenna Ryan for Pine Needles.  I adapted the cows to the colours of red and black angus.  The photo on the label was taken by Karl from a previous visit to the ranch.  Reg was out feeding the cattle and we went along for the ride.

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Humboldt Broncos
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