Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finishing up week

This week I intend to finish up some of the stuff that desperately needs to get finished.  I got my row by row from Fat Cat done on Sunday.  I don't know why these blocks took me so long. Well, I do actually.  My mind hasn't been on things lately.  If you remember I couldn't even count how many blocks had to be done.  What a mathematical genius I am!  And I worked in a quilt shop. 

Barb and Charleen are coming over on Wednesday and we are going to be working on our Anne of Green Gables wallhangings.  We have the finishing touches to put on them..............sleeves, labels and binding.  I have my sleeve on and the label is done.  I don't like labels that are small.  I love big labels that tell stories.  I don't like them plain either.  For this one, I wrote about the purchasing of the patterns and then I made the hat the same -- well pretty much the same -- as the one on the front.  I changed the ribbon.  I also attached with fusible web the label that came with the pattern.  I liked it and wanted it somewhere so affixed it here.

I also have postcards to do this week.  They are suppose to be at their destination by June 21st the first day of summer.  I better get cracking as they are destined for Arizona, Iowa and Illinois.  The theme is "Sizzling Summer" and I know what I'm doing.  Had a deuce of a time buying the right colour fabric.  Checked at every booth at the quilt show, then came back to Oakville and after searching the Quilters' Garden Patch I finally found it!  I was beginning to think I would have to come up with something else.  Our next set is for Fabulous Fall.  Thank heavens I have plenty of time to get ideas for that.  Photos tomorrow.

I am also thinking of getting back to working on Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  I'm starting on row J or something like that and I have all that ruddy paper to take out.  Should keep me busy for days and days, weeks and weeks or perhaps months!  It was suppose to be a 45th anniversary quilt for us, but that isn't too likely.  Well it could work for our 50th!  This is the pattern.  We were lucky enough to download it from the internet, before it became a book.  I have changed a few blocks so I'm not calling it Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  Simply "Our Anniversary Quilt."  It is a ton of work but it will be completed.  That I know for sure!

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Humboldt Broncos
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