Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fat Cat Patterns

WOW!  I just went into Fat Cat and the look has changed.  I was totally blown away.  It is looking good, Sindy!

This is the site I refer loads of people to.  Its a great site for children's designs...........this is my favourite!

I have great intentions to make this one...............not the whole thing, four blocks.  I'm trying to find a couple of batik fabrics as it is going to be donated so that it can hang on the wall of a children's hospital.

When Karl decides that he has seen enough of the needlepoint pictures I did for him (way back when), I am going to do this for the computer room.  We have had 2 white cats and I can imagine them trying to sit here and work away while I work doing "stuff".

This is another one.  I'm not putting up photos, I'm going to make you go over and take a look for yourself.
Now wouldn't some of those fish just be perfect for Grace Children's Hospital?  I think so.  I have lots of bright fabrics.  I just need the water fabric to put them on.  Its a "going to do" for this summer.

I made this guy.  I put him on a pillow and gave it to my daughter-in-law last year for Christmas.  It turned out really, really cute.  Wish I had taken a photo of it.

Sindy lives in Texas, so that's another corner of the world I'm learning about through her blog.  They had snow this past winter when we had none. 

I'm still working away on my Christmas Row by Row which is on Fat Cat Patterns. Next week we get another set which is the side borders.  We are pretty nearly done it.  Seems like we just got started.  I haven't yet figured out what I'm going to do with it. 

Time will tell.

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